Helen Cumbers (All about me)

Information, advice and support worker

What people like and admire about me

I am a good listener.

I am honest and reliable.

I have a good sense of humour.

Good attention to detail.

I am calm under pressure.

I like to see the positive in all situations.

I am easy to talk to.

Cheerful and enthusiastic.

Photo of Helen Cumbers

What makes me happy?

I like to see the positive effects of my support for the families that I work with.

Being able to dedicate time to really listen to what parents and young people want to tell me.

Meeting young people themselves to ensure they have a voice and are involved in the discussions.

Listening to ‘Popmaster’ on Radio 2.

Anything Harry Potter or Grange Hill related.

How I want to be supported

I like to be prepared – knowing where I am going and when.

I am a little bit scared of dogs so would appreciate them being introduced slowly if I come to see you.

Being kept up to date of any new information so I am informed.