Nicki Howlett (All about me)

Service Lead
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I have worked for SENDIASS for a number of years and feel very lucky that my job helps children, young people and their parents or carers. I now write content for our website and leaflets, and share this via newsletters, social media and events/information sessions. 

I live in Lowestoft with my husband, two daughters and our tortoise called Womble!

I spend most of my spare time with family, many weekends I take my youngest daughter to swimming competitions. I also enjoy swimming, though sadly I can’t keep up with her!

We like to eat out with family and friends, and we also enjoy going to comedy shows and concerts when we get the chance!

People I work with appreciate me for
Cartoon emoticon giving thumbs-up

Always being up for a challenge

Getting the job done

Sharing knowledge

Seeing the positives

Being creative

Looking for the best way to do something

Being warm, friendly and fun

What is important to me?

My family and friends

Doing the best I can

Sense of achievement

Feeling I can make a difference

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How best to support me

I tend to get lost in work, encourage me to stop sometimes.

Keep me in the loop with ‘need to know’ information

When I seem overwhelmed, take me for a coffee!

Stop me from consuming
too muchcoffee!

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