Appealing to the tribunal

If you are thinking about appealing these local authority decisions...

  • refusal to carry out an EHC needs assessment;
  • refusal to issue an EHC plan;
  • the final EHC plan or amended plan;
  • decision not to amend an EHC plan;
  • decision to cease to maintain an EHC plan must firstly consider mediation.

Read about mediation


You can register an appeal, either within two months of the original decision being sent by the local authority, or within one month of receiving the mediation certificate whichever is the later. 

There are no costs to you with appealing, unless:

  • you choose to have legal representation. (If you decide to have legal representation, it is likely the local authority will also instruct a lawyer).
  • an expert witness you call charges a fee.

Read the SEND Tribunals' guide 'How to appeal a SEN decision'

You can click on the Refusal to assess tile. We will be adding some content within the remaining tiles very soon! Thank-you for your patience.

We can support you with preparing and registering your appeal, helping you with paperwork, guiding you through the process, and we may be able to attend with you.

If you instruct legal representation we will step back from active involvement but will remain available for information and ongoing advice and support around related issues.