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Working arrangements - COVID-19

Although we are not able to meet face to face, our helpline remains open on 01473 265210.

We are also happy to receive your emails and SMS texts. 

If you leave a phone or email message with us we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Where we would usually provide meeting support, if possible, we will support through telephone or video conferencing.

Read our latest information about COVID-19

We will continue to add any new information we receive to our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We will try to include links to items which we hope will be helpful if you are supporting your children at home. 

We have cancelled our training events for parents, carers and practitioners for the summer term. But we might run some online sessions if there is a demand for them after Easter.

We know it is a difficult time for everyone and we would encourage everyone to keep in touch and stay as connected as possible.

Best wishes

Debbie, Nicki, Helen, Nikki, Gillian, Kate, Sian, Gail and Rachel

The team at Suffolk Sendiass 😊

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Phone: 01473 265210

Text: ADVICE4ME to 87007



New information leaflets

We created these resources for subject areas we consistently receive high numbers of enquiries about.

Follow the links below for the latest additions to our collection of leaflets for parents and carers. 

Choosing a school for a child with SEND

School exclusion

Annual Review of an EHC plan

Appealing to the SEND Tribunal

They will also be available as hard copies (free!) when our working practices change, but you can pre-order a supply by emailing us at .

All our leaflets & resources can be found here:


Tribunal videos

Help with filling in the form to appeal a 'Refusal to assess' decision

For any parents who wish to challenge the local authority decision to refuse to do an EHC needs assessment, we have just created a series of videos to help families fill in the SEND Tribunal appeal form 35A which can be viewed on YouTube.

Go to YouTube


Due to COVID-19 we cancelled the face to face workshops planned for May and June.

We will instead deliver several live webinars for parents and carers in the summer term and our Training Officer will be creating digital resources which we hope will help you.


Back to School - gathering your views and ideas

Are you wondering how your child/children will cope returning to school?

SENDIASS, SPCN  and specialist services in the local authority would like to work together to support families with the transition back to school.

First of all, we need to clearly understand all your concerns.

We’d like to invite you to an informal online chat so you can tell us your views and questions and so we can explore some ideas together for what our services could offer you later, to help you and your family.

Register for an event by following one of the links below:

Tuesday 30th June 6.30 to 7.30pm

Thursday 2nd July 10.00 to 11.00am

Read our guide to joining Microsoft Teams online meetings


Annual Reviews webinar

Parents can watch this free live webinar from anywhere with internet access.  The webinar was co-produced with parents & explores:

  • the purpose of an annual review and an EHC Plan;
  • what the process involves & how you & your child can be involved; the different kinds of review;
  • and what decisions can be made at the end.

If you register you will be sent a recording of the live webinar when it finishes, so if you are interrupted or cannot make the live time, you can watch it later and as many times as you like.

This was produced with and for parents & carers, but may be of interest to practitioners too.

Register by following the link below:

Tuesday 9th June 2020 6.00pm to 7.00pm - DELIVERED


EHC needs assessment webinar

SENDIASS is offering a free live webinar explaining EHC needs assessments which you can watch from anywhere with internet access.

The webinar was co-produced with parents & will explore:

  • What the law expects to happen before an EHC needs assessment is considered;
  • The purpose and threshold of an EHC needs assessment and when one might be requested;
  • Why a local authority might refuse and what your options are;
  • What happens if an EHC needs assessment is agreed;
  • The purpose of an EHC plan.

This was produced with and for parents & carers, but may be of interest to practitioners too.

If you register you will be sent a recording of the live webinar when it finishes, so if you are interrupted or cannot make the live time you can watch it later and as many times as you like. 

Wednesday 13th May 2020 6.00pm to 7.00pm - DELIVERED




'EHC plan' workshops for parents and carers

Does your child have an EHC plan or is an EHC needs assessment underway?

This was co-produced with parents and explores the purpose of an Education, Health and Care Plan and what key sections mean, how parents and young people can be involved and who has responsibility for what.

Sudbury, Wednesday 22nd January 10.00am to 1.00pm (DELIVERED)

Lowestoft, Tuesday 4th February, 10.00am to 1.00pm (DELIVERED)

Ipswich, Monday 2nd March, 10.00am to 1.00pm (DELIVERED)


We will be offering this again when restrictions have been lifted.



Document icon



Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support in schools and other settings.

Explains the cycle of SEN support, support for pupils with medical conditions and disabilities and how parents and young people can be involved. We also explore exclusions, the threshold for an EHC needs assessment and approaches which foster positive partnership working.

Beccles, Thursday 30th January, 10.00am to 12.30pm (DELIVERED)

Bury, Thursday 6th February, 10.00am to 12.30pm (DELIVERED)

Ipswich, Wednesday 12th February, 10.00am to 12.30pm (DELIVERED)


We will be offering this again when restrictions have been lifted.


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Remember, there is more skills-based training which we offer and which has proved popular - Making Meetings Matter, Empower Your Child and the SEND Champion CourseFind out more.

Do let us know if you are interested in either of these workshops.  Email our Training Officer Sian at with your contact details and postcode so we can build a wait list for the area in which you live.

Alternatively, If you know a group of parents or are part of a group who might be interested in receiving this or another workshop, do contact Sian so that she can explore a venue and time with you, which would suit your group. 


EHC needs assessment sessions for practitioners

Following very positive feedback from practitioners, SENDIASS is offering further training around Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments for a multi-agency audience. 

The training was co-produced with social care practitioners, with further input from the Designated Clinical Officers. It will benefit practitioners from health, education and social care who work with families who may be considering, or going through, an Education, Health and Care needs assessment for their child. The session explores: key underpinning principles of the Children and Families Act; the purpose and threshold of an EHC needs assessment and who can request one;  the timeframes and content of an EHC needs assessment and how practitioners can be involved; how parents and pupils are involved and options if a needs assessment is refused; the purpose of an EHC plan and who is responsible for what.

The session does not look at how to fill in a learning setting or family views form when an EHC needs assessment is requested. 

Booking is via Suffolk CPD online:

West Suffolk House, Friday 14th February, 2.00pm to 4.30pm (DELIVERED)

Endeavour House, Monday 24th February, 10.00am to 1.00pm (DELIVERED)

Riverside Lowestoft, Thursday 19th March, 10.00am to 1.00pm (POSTPONED)

Endeavour House, Friday 24th April, 10.00am to 1.00pm (POSTPONED)

Riverside Lowestoft, Thursday 30th April, 9.30am to 12.30pm (POSTPONED)

West Suffolk House, Monday 18th May, 10.00am to 1.00pm - please note the changed date for this session (POSTPONED)

NHS practitioners who do not have access to Suffolk CPD can sign up via Eventbrite.


We will be offering this again when restrictions have been lifted.

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