Annual Reviews


The SEND Code of Practice says:

"EHC plans should be used to actively monitor children and young people’s progress towards their outcomes and longer term aspirations. They must be reviewed by the local authority as a minimum every 12 months. Reviews must focus on the child or young person’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC plan. The review must also consider whether these outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate.." (9.166)

Watch the Council for Disabled Children's video about Annual Reviews:


 EHC plans must be reviewed at least every 12 months, though you can request an early annual review with the local authority. 

The review meeting

You, and your child, will be invited and given 2 weeks notice to attend the review meeting, usually held at the educational setting.

Ahead of the meeting you will be sent a family views form to complete. Annual reviews provide the opportunity to update circumstances, discuss outcomes and what is or is not working, and ask for any amendments you would like to make to the plan. 

Other professionals involved across education, health and care services will also be invited to attend and update information about your child, as part of the review.

It is vital your child's views feed into the review. Your child/young person might find this difficult, there is a useful App available from 'Mind of My Own' (MOMO) which helps children and young people express their views, and some tips and guidance within the 'Council for Disabled Children' (CDC) website. See also 'Person centred reviews' factsheet opposite.

Following the meeting, the educational setting will send the review paperwork to the local authority and anybody else that attended the meeting within two weeks.

What happens next?

The local authority will then decide if the Plan should remain unchanged, if it needs to be amended, or if it is to be ceased. They have 4 weeks from the date of the meeting to let you know their decision.

If they decide to amend the Plan then they should make the amendments as soon as possible. You will be sent the original Plan plus the proposed amendments and will have 15 calendar days to respond or comment on the proposed changes, including requesting a particular school to be named in the plan.

The local authority must issue an amended plan, or let you know they have decided not to amend the plan within 8 weeks of the original amendment notice.

Download our Annual Review factsheet

    You can request a 'personal budget' during annual review. Read more about personal budgets


Transfer Reviews

A Transfer Review is a conversion from a Statement of SEN to an Education, Health and Care plan, and these should have all happened by April 2018.

A Transfer Review is an EHC needs assessment, unless the information currently held is sufficient.

You will be given 2 weeks notice of a start of a Transfer Review and the local authority must then conclude the process within 18 weeks.


Appealing a SEN decision following annual or transfer review

Where you do not agree with a local authority decision (not to amend, or decision to cease), or the final plan, following an annual or transfer review, you have the right to consider mediation and/or appealing within 2 months of the decision letter.


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