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We appreciate your comments and feedback, good and bad and welcome parents, carers and young people, who have an interest in what we do, to help shape our service.

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Latest service feedback – July 2021

Highlights from survey responses received this period are shown below:

  • 100% said they found our information, advice and support useful and would contact us again
  • 100% found our service to be impartial
  • 100% said we understood their questions and concerns

Thank you to everyone who has completed our service feedback survey this period.

Some comments received:

Thank you for your service and advice and how quickly you got in touch for me to discuss my child’s exclusion & way forward.’

Thank you so much. It’s so reassuring to have someone independent have a look through so I can be reassured.

You’re the first person who has explained the situation clearly to me, so I understand where I am and what my options are.

Parent feedback, July 2021

Training feedback

‘Thank you for today – it was good to gain an insight into the thought processes behind whole school and whole class approaches.  As parents we can often get anxious about getting direct help for our children.  My son hates to stand out as different, so it’s helped to understand more about whole school adjustments.

‘Thank you for this session. It helped me understand what to expect from the school and what I can do and be more confident in working with the school.’

‘Thank you very much for the helpful ideas.  I look forward to going through the slides and links in my own time too.’

Parent feedback, July 2021

Parent testimonials

Short videos of Suffolk parents talking about how SENDIASS helped with concerns and questions around their children’s education:

Michaela’s SENDIASS journey

Caroline’s SENDIASS journey

Natalie’s SENDIASS journey

Caroline’s SENDIASS journey

Your experiences

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