Requesting an early EHCP Review

When can I ask for an early review of my child’s EHC plan?

At any time, as long as you have a good reason.  This review is carried out by the local authority though the review meeting may be delegated to the school/college by the local authority.  If there is health care provision in the EHC Plan, the health service provider who is arranging the provision will be invited as well.

What would be a good reason for asking for an early review?

You should ask for an early statutory review if you believe:

  • that your child/young person’s education, health or social care needs have changed and are no longer accurately described in the EHC plan; or
  • that the education, health or social care provision in the EHC plan is no longer meeting your child/ young person’s needs.  This includes if you feel that section I (the placement) needs to be reviewed.

Should I speak to the school/college first?

Yes.  Speak to your child’s class/ subject teacher and the Head teacher/ Principal of the College about your worries, as well as contacting the local authority.

How do I make a request?

Contact your Family Services Co-ordinator at the local authority. Their contact information will be on correspondence they have sent you about the EHC plan. It would be useful to do this by email so you have a record of your request and copy the school/college into the email.

IPSEA have a model letter for requesting an early review of an EHC plan. Adapt this to suit you as it is very formal including the suggestion you send it to the Director of Children’s Services: IPSEA model letter to request an early review

Can the local authority refuse my request?

Yes, they may disagree with your reasons. You can contact them to discuss this further, but you have no right of appeal with this decision. You will need to gather further evidence to support your request or wait until the usual Annual Review date. You could also ask for re-assessment of your child’s needs. This is helpful if their needs have changed significantly since the EHC plan was first issued, the professional advice used to write the plan needs to be updated, or the provision is no longer meeting needs. IPSEA have a model letter:  IPSEA model letter to request re-assessment.