Choosing a school for a child with SEND

Most children with SEN will go to a mainstream school as set out in law. You can find out about Suffolk schools within the Admissions webpages or via the Suffolk Local Offer, which also includes information about other local services, including specialist education and health support.


Read more about how children with SEN are supported within our SEN Support web pages.

If you think your child needs to go to a Special School and they have an Education, Health & Care plan (EHC plan) already click on the tile below 'With an EHC plan'. Read more about EHC plans.

By doing some research we usually find parents feel more confident to make a decision. We understand this can feel like an overwhelming responsibility for parents and carers, particularly for a child with additional needs, and it can be helpful to talk this through with someone.

So to get started you can have a look at the information within the admission pages, read our Top tips and related information and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Read more about the School Admissions process.

Have a look at the Suffolk Local Offer

Key information:

  • Schools must provide detailed information about their arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils to the school and publish an accessibility plan explaining adjustments they can make and ongoing plans to improve access.
  • They must also publish a SEN information report explaining and how they identify and support children with Special Educational Needs & Disability - so the schools' own website can be a useful starting point. 


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