SEN Information Report

What is a SEN Information Report?

Maintained schools, nurseries and Academies must publish on their website a SEN Information Report (this can be included in a school SEN policy or it might be a separate document), which can be a useful document to read.  

A SEN Information report must include:

The name of the SENCo and kinds of SEN provided for;

How the school works with parents of children with SEN and involves them in their child’s education;

How the school works with pupils with SEN to involve them in their own education;

How the school assesses and reviews the child’s progress, including working with the child and parents in both stages;

The approaches to teaching children with SEN and what adaptations can be made to the curriculum & environment;

How pupils with SEN are helped to take part in activities with children who don’t have SEN;

How the school supports the emotional and social development of pupils, including how to prevent bullying and how to help pupils move between stages in education;

What kind of training staff have, to support pupils with SEN;

How the school involves outside agencies to support SEN;

Arrangements for complaints about SEN support.