Person-centred planning

If children and young people are to achieve their best, we must put their voice at the centre of any planning.

Children and young people with SEND often find it difficult to express their views and it can be helpful to think about alternatives ways they can do this. 

Below are some links to information and resources which families we’ve worked with have found helpful:

Our service for children and young people

We offer advice and support to young people directly and can help them work out what they would like to say and explore alternative methods for doing this with them:

Service leaflet for young people (PDF)

Service postcard for children and young people (PDF)

Person-Centred Reviews

The Council for Disabled Childrenhave some information about:

Watch this video from the Council for Disabled Children explaining the importance of person-centred planning:

Useful links

The  Suffolk SEND 16+ Transitions Guide  (PDF) for information about young people moving beyond year 11.

Voiceability– for advocacy services in Suffolk

The SEND YP Networkin Suffolk (Young people with SEND helping to shape services in Suffolk) enterprise working to create person-centred change) (Equality for young people with SEND as they move into adulthood)

Preparing for adulthood– our information, advice and further links