Advice around appealing for a school place

This page is for appeals without an EHC plan. If your child has an EHC plan you may find the answers to your questions within the page 'Children with an EHC plan' or you can contact us with any questions.

It can be an unsettling time if you have not been offered a place at your chosen school. Try to remain relaxed when speaking with your child, we can transfer our anxiety to others without realising. Reassure them they will make new friends & stay in contact with current ones.

You have the option of appealing to any or all of preferred schools and this should be explained in your offer letter from Admissions.

Infant class size (appeals for reception and Years 1 & 2) 

Classes in these year groups cannot contain more than 30 pupils with a single qualified teacher. There are very limited chances of success for Infant Class Size appeals, read more in the guidance below.

If you decide to appeal, we recommend you think about what your back-up plan will be should you be unsuccessful. Securing a place at another school should not affect your appeal.

To appeal read the guidance & complete the form: Education Admission Appeals form and guidance


Start to gather your evidence...

  • Gather evidence about your child and how he or she might be affected if they don't attend this school, you could ask the current school or nursery for any paperwork that might help, for example any information about their needs.
  • You could ask other professionals and specialists working with you and your child whether they can provide you with any supporting letters or reports.
  • Consider what it is that this school can offer that others cannot. School websites can be useful here as they are required to publish information about how they support children with SEND.
  • If school location and start times are an issue perhaps due to siblings attending different schools, use maps to help you explain routes, you could think about how you can show to the appeal panel that a route is 'unworkable' for you, maybe a video of the journey at school pick up time. 
  • Equally think about all other options and what the appeal panel may question you on, for example is there another school with places which also offers breakfast and after school clubs that might resolve your location or start/pick up time issues? 

You don't need all of your supporting evidence before completing the appeal form, you can send this in later:


Have a look at the appeals guide which should answer any questions you have about the process.

You can contact us if you want to talk any of this through.