You may be entitled to free transport getting your child (of compulsory school age*) to a qualifying** school if: 

  • your child has special educational needs, a disability or mobility problems 
  • the route your child will take to school is unsafe 
  • you live beyond the statutory walking distance 
  • you are on a low income

* Compulsory school age starts the term after your child's 5th Birthday, and ends the last Friday in June of the academic year in which they turn 16.

** A qualifying school is a maintained, an academy (a free school is a type of academy), a pupil referral unit or an Independent school named in an Education, Health and Care plan. An exception would be where the local authority consider there is a suitable school which is nearer to you.

(a full definition can be found in the Education Act 1996 - Schedule 35B)

Go to SEN Transport Support (Suffolk CC)

Follow these links to national organisations to find out more about eligibility and entitlement:

IPSEA (national charity offering independent legally based information, advice and support)

Contact (for families with disabled children)